Switch Spaces

Any user who is assigned to multiple spaces (e.g., labs) can now switch easily between spaces without checking out of their current space and then checking back in. 

To access the switch spaces feature, navigate to the home screen while checked into a space.  

You will see the Switch Spaces button just below the density information about the space you are checked into and above the Check Out button. 

Tap the Switch Spaces button and a list of any other spaces you are assigned to will appear. 
Note: You must be assigned to more than one space on the same campus to view and use this feature.   

Tap on another space to check into an alternative location.   
Note: You will not be able to check into a space if it is currently at capacity.  

You should see the new space you selected appear just under you name on the home screen.   

You are now checked into your new space. Don’t forget to check out of this space or switch spaces again if you leave this location.