Submit Your Flu Vaccine Documentation

If you were immunized at a Johns Hopkins vaccination site:

Your vaccine documentation is now saved in the Johns Hopkins Vaccine Management System (VMS). Visit VMS to check your status or learn how to Check Your Vaccine Status in VMS.

If you were immunized outside of Johns Hopkins:

You must upload your vaccine documentation in the Johns Hopkins Vaccine Management System (VMS).

Once you have logged into VMS, select Submit new vaccination.

Select the Influenza vaccine from the drop-down menu, click the box containing your name/information, and select Next.

Enter the details including date of dose and whether voucher was used, and choose supporting documentation files to upload. Note the documentation guidelines. Acceptable forms of documentation include a pharmacy receipt, a document from an official source such as your health care provider, or a screenshot of your ImmuNet vaccination record. Check the Verification and Accuracy box and press Submit.

Your documentation will be reviewed by a qualified health services staff member and you will receive a separate confirmation email when it has been approved. Your Prodensity Health Screen will reflect that your documentation is under review.

Follow all testing and masking requirements as outlined by Johns Hopkins policies. 

Review this FAQ regarding the 2022-2023 Flu Campaign.

If you have any questions about your flu vaccine documentation approval, please complete the VMS Help Form.