Lab Team Members Discussion

Note: You must download the Microsoft Teams app and sign in using your JHED and Password to use this feature. 

Users assigned to spaces can now start or join a Microsoft Teams discussion channel with their Lab Team members to communicate scheduling and other important team-based information.  

Note: If you are not currently assigned to a space you cannot use the Lab Team members feature, but you may access and download Microsoft Teams at any time via the Resources tab. 

To access the team member discussion, navigate to the home screen of your app. You should see Density information on this screen. 

Just below the Call for Assistance button, you will see a Lab Team Members tab with an arrow.  

Tap the Lab Team Members tab to navigate to your Team Members listing.    

If you see the Microsoft Teams logo and the message, “Your room is being created. Check back later to access it.” you may need to wait temporarily while your discussion channel is created. 

If you see the message, “View Team Messaging,” you can tap this message to navigate to your Lab Team Members discussion channel.