I Responded Incorrectly to the COVID Health Check

I Responded Incorrectly to the COVID Health Check

The COVID Health Check includes the question(s) located in the Health tab of the Prodensity app. Anyone arriving to campus must respond to the question(s) every 12 hours or before arriving on campus. Please note that you may also access and take your COVID Health Check on the web.

We recognize that those visiting the Johns Hopkins campuses will need to take the COVID Health Check frequently and that this may lead to mistakes in responses to the question(s). Below are some ways to correct the incorrect response.  

  • How do I edit my COVID Health Check questions if I responded incorrectly and have not yet submitted my responses? 

At any point in reviewing the question(s) you can use the back button to return to a previous question and choose a different answer.  

When you submit a response that matches COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, an alert asking, “Are you Sure?” will appear confirming the submission. You may tap edit to go back and edit COVID Health Check question(s) if you feel you selected an answer incorrectly 

  • How do I change my red Campus Pass if I responded to COVID Health Check questions incorrectly and already submitted? 

If a response submitted to the COVID Health Check matches COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, you may receive a red Campus Pass, even if you submitted the response in error.  

However, if you do not report symptoms to the Johns Hopkins COVID all Center (443-287-8500), your pass will automatically clear in a few hours.

Note that the red Campus Pass does not automatically expire after 12 hours. You must call to remove it. 

  • I forgot to respond that my symptoms match COVID symptoms. How do I change my responses? 

You may take the COVID Health Check as many times as you would likeas frequently as you would like. If you forgot to indicate a symptom, navigate back to the Health tab and start the survey again.  

  • I was cleared by the Johns Hopkins COVID Call Center but do not see a change in my red Campus Pass. How do I fix this? 

There may be a delay between being cleared and your Campus Pass updating. You also may need to close and reopen the app.