I Received a Stale Request When Signing in

I Received a Stale Request When Signing in

If you receive a stale request when logging in to the Prodensity mobile app, try the following steps: 

  1. Update your phone’s operating system to the latest version; it may no longer be supported 

Recent changes in support of Android and iOS operating systems have limited the operating systems the Johns Hopkins single sign-on can support, and as a result, which operating systems can access the Prodensity mobile app. 

The Prodensity mobile app currently only supports the following versions: Android 8.1+ (8.1-12) and iOS 13+ (13-15).  

To maintain access to Prodensity, update your device’s operating system to its latest version. iOS devices that are supported by iOS 13 + are listed here.   

If your device does not support these operating systems, you cannot sign in to Prodensity on that device. Find an alternative device and complete the required health check on the Prodensity website.   

  1. Try closing Prodensity via an app manager or task manager 
  • Exit the Prodensity app completely by closing it via your phone’s app manager or task manager.
  • Check that your device’s time is correct. If the time is not correct, update it before re-opening the app.
  • Re-open the app and try logging in again.
  • If the stale request message comes up again and you have double-checked that your phone is on a supported operating system, proceed to contacting the Help Desk.
  1. Contact the Help Desk and ask for enterprise authentication support 

If you still see a stale request screen, have verified you are on the latest operating system and have tried exiting the Prodensity app and re-opening, it’s time to reach out to the IT Help Desk for assistance.  

More help information is available at the Login and MFA Problems help page.