I Forgot to Check Out of My Assigned Work Space

I Forgot to Check Out of My Assigned Work Space

The following information only applies to those users who are assigned to a work space (i.e., a lab or an office). Users who are assigned to a space have a feature enabled that allows them to check in and out of those spaces. 

  • Are you still on campus? 

If you realized you forgot to check out of a space and are still on campus, proceed to the main entrance of the building you normally check into and ask the security desk for assistance with checking out. Security guards can check you out manually if you cannot locate a check out sign (with QR code) at an exit.  

  • Have you just left campus? 

If you have just left campus and realized you forgot to scan to check out, there is a contact option on your app where you can seek help with a manual check out. The call for assistance link just under the density information on your app’s home page will connect you directly with your lab’s PI or another lab contact. From there, your PI or leader can contact your department administrator, who can manually check you out. 

  • Did you remember to check out hours after your left? 

The app has a built-in function to remind you to check out several hours after you initially checked in. Individual administrators set this up, so when you receive the alert varies. All alerts are sent within 12 hours of when you last checked in. After you receive the alert and the next time you open your app, you will be prompted to check out or indicate you are still in the space. The app will allow you to check out directly; you do not need to scan anything when checking out using this method.

  • What do I do if none of these options work? 

If you have already left campus, cannot get help through your lab contact with check out, and don’t see an alert 12 hours after your shift startedthere are other options. The next time you arrive on campus you can ask the security desk to assist you with checking out or find a nearby exit QR code (any door with an exit QR code will work) and scan to check out. If you won’t be back at your lab for more than 24 hours and are concerned that your lab may reach maximum occupancy in that time, please use the Prodensity feedback form to contact an app administrator.