I Can’t Scan a QR Code

Are you scanning the right QR code?

Individuals who aren’t assigned to a specific space may not be able to scan the QR codes at that space.

Only the check in QR code for a particular space will work for that space. Please be sure you are at the correct location when checking in. Only scan a QR code that is placed on a sign labeled “Check In”.

If you scan a QR code that is labeled “Check Out” when attempting to check in, you will receive an error.

If an error occurs try refreshing your app or closing and then opening your app to start again.

Do you get stuck on the QR code scanning screen?

It has been reported that on some Android phones, an error can occur when the app accesses the camera for a QR scan.

If your camera is open and ready for a QR scan, but doesn’t allow you to scan a Prodensity QR code, try closing the app and re-opening it to scan again (you may need to do this more than once).

You may also try returning to the app’s home screen and refreshing the home page.

Did you forget to scan your QR code at checkout?

Please refer to the I Forgot to Check out of a Space troubleshooting topic.