Update Your Identity Information

The first time you log into the updated Prodensity 2.0 app, you will go through some onboarding screens, including one that asks you to confirm your institution/division/department.

If you are not sure whether this information is accurate, you can check in your myJH profile.

·      Go to the myJH homepage at http://my.jh.edu and click the Log In button near the upper right corner.

·      On the Enterprise Authentication screen, enter your JHED ID, followed by @jh.edu. Click next and enter your password.

·      Once logged in, click on your user avatar, located near the upper right corner of the page, and select myProfile. 

·      Within myProfile, you may see one or more tabs with profile information. Click the second tab (titled by entity/school) to review the “Division” and “Department” listed. 

If your information is correct, please confirm within the Prodensity app.

If your information is incorrect, please visit the JHED Authoritative System of Record Contact List to determine who can help you correct your affiliation.

If your information is correct, you will see a confirmation screen.