How To Get a Campus Pass

The Campus Pass was implemented to help keep Johns Hopkins campuses safe and open for faculty, staff, and students. 

Faculty, staff, and students are required to have a green Campus Pass for campus access. The Campus Pass is obtained after a COVID Health Check with no symptoms of/exposure to COVID-19. Your green Campus Pass may be verified as you move through campus.  

Currently there are three places to take the COVID Health Check which can result in a campus pass:  

1.      Mobile Prodensity App 

2.      COVID Health Check – Web  

3.      Kronos Attendance/Time Tracking 

If you take the COVID Health Check on the mobile Prodensity app (and report no symptoms or exposure), your green Campus Pass will automatically become accessible on the home and health screens of the app. The system will record that you have a green Campus Pass. 

If you take the COVID Health Check on the web, and report no symptoms or exposure, the system will record that you have a green Campus Pass. You may choose to print the Campus Pass and save it if you would like to have back-up documentation while on campus. 

To sign up for reminders to take your COVID Health Check on the web, go to my.jh and navigate to MyProfile. You can use the reminders box to turn on COVID Health Check reminders and receive an email every time your pass expires. 

The system will also record a valid green Campus Pass for those who take the COVID Health Check on Kronos and report no symptoms or exposure. 

If you reported any potential COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19, you will be alerted with a red campus pass and will be denied access to campus. You will be directed to self-isolate and should make initial contact/maintain contact with the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center.