Help for Security Personnel

The home screen of the Security dashboard has a density overview of all monitored spaces in your building.

Granting Access

When people scan their QR code to access the building/space, their names will display on a list on your dashboard. You must confirm their entry on the dashboard by clicking Confirm Entry.

If there is a list of pending users on your screen, confirm users from the top to the bottom as the oldest requests appear on top. Users may verbally request further direction from you if you do not confirm their entry within 2 to 3 minutes. 

In addition to checking into density-monitored spaces, all users in public spaces must have a current green Campus Pass. Your dashboard will indicate whether a user is green (able to enter), yellow (action needed), or red (unable to enter).  

You will be unable to confirm entrance to anyone whose status is red. Please ask the individual to go home, self-isolate, and contact the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center at 833-546-7546.

If the user’s status is yellow, they must complete the daily COVID Health Check in order to proceed. Please ask the individual to complete the COVID Health Check through the Prodensity app, myJH, or daily email reminder.

If the user’s status is green, you may confirm their entry. 

Manual Check In/Out 

In certain circumstances, you may need to manually check a user in or out of a space. Press the blue Manual Check In/Out button. 

Enter the name or JHED/ID of the person you wish to check in or out. You may then choose to check them in and they may proceed to their space, or you may check them out as they leave.