Help for Administrative Personnel

The administrators’ dashboard is accessible (to department administrators only) at

Manage Spaces 

To create a new space, select the green Create New Space button in the upper right corner.  

Complete the form and ensure the following information is as accurate as possible: 
• Type of space  
• Department  
• Campus 
• Room Number* 
• Space Name (Please use PI last name and a # if the PI has multiple labs)  
• Space Size  
• Maximum Occupancy  
• Points of Contact and Phone Numbers  
• Check-out Reminders**  

*Note: You may add multiple rooms associated with one space. Click the blue Add Another Room button to do so.  

**Note: The check-out reminder sends team members a reminder to check out after they’ve checked in for a shift. You can specify when these reminders are sent.

Press the blue Create Space button to save the form information. 

Assigning Individuals to the Space
Once the space has been saved, you are given the option to assign people to a Lab individually or bulk import JHED IDs. 
Select the Assign people to a lab button to search for JHED IDs or names and assign individuals to the space. 

Select the Bulk Import JHED IDs button to copy and paste a list of JHED IDs with commas and assign them to the space. 

After members are added, you have the option to designate a PI (click the circle to the right of their name) and/or make that member exempt (click the star to the left of their photo and name) from the capacity count:  
• Exempt status (blue star) excludes the individual from capacity count. These people will be allowed to scan into the office regardless of whether the office is at maximum capacity.  
• Principal Investigator (PI in a yellow circle) designates an individual as the principal investigator for the lab. These are the principal investigators of the office. This status does not exclude the person from the capacity count; if they are also exempt please select both the blue star and the PI designation. 

Exempt Status
Principal Investigator

Editing, Reviewing, and Managing Members  
Details associated with the space can be edited at any time (using the Edit Office link in the upper-right corner). Keep in mind that you cannot delete a space once you have created it. 

From the space view, you can check in or check out a space member at any time.  

Use the main Dashboard to search for and review space details, edit space details, and check in and check out members at any time. 

Select the blue Manage Office Members link, just under occupancy, to add more individuals to the space or remove individuals from the space.