COVID Health Check

Completing a COVID Health Check every 12 hours is a Johns Hopkins University requirement for accessing campus. You must complete this survey before entering campus.

Accessing Your COVID Health Check 

You can access and take the COVID Health Check at any time on the Health tab at the bottom of your screen. If your Campus Pass has expired, you may also access your Health Check from the home screen where you will wee a Campus Pass Expired notification.

Tap the Health Check button.

Note: Medical information provided through Prodensity is not a substitute for professional medical testing or advice and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any disease or conditions. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please call 911.

The first time you access the COVID Health Check, you will be presented with onboarding screens reviewing your data privacy and security.

Note: You can access alerts and resources without completing the COVID Health Check if you are not planning to access campus in the near future.

Taking Your COVID Health Check 

The COVID Health Check will present short questions. Tap Yes or No to answer.

Once completed, submit your results (tap Finish) for next steps. You may be asked to confirm your responses.

If results match COVID-19 symptoms, you will be presented with a screen that directs you to call the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center.

If results do not match COVID-19 symptoms, you will see confirmation that you completed your survey and can close the confirmation to return to health screen.

Once you have completed your COVID Health Check, you will be permitted to access campus and check into spaces.

Alternate Access

For those unable to use Prodensity, the COVID Health Check tool is available on the web through myJH. On their myJH Profile, individuals may opt-in to receive reminder emails. Users identified as on-campus without completing the COVID Health Check may be automatically enrolled in reminder emails.

Introducing the COVID Health Check and Campus Pass