App Says I Was On Campus When I Was Not

App Says I Was On Campus When I Was Not

To keep the Johns Hopkins community safe, students and employees who live or work on campus must complete the COVID Health Check in the Prodensity app.  

The university can see when individual users access the internet on the Johns Hopkins network and/or enter a JHU building (badge swipe access). This information is reported to the Prodensity app per a university policy that is part of the JH Needs U campaign.  

The Prodensity app has no location tracking and it cannot access any of the data on your device.  

There are several different emails you may receive regarding COVID Health Check compliance. 

  • If any of your devices connect to a campus WiFi location the university will recognize your connection. If you’re connected for several minutes or more and have not completed a COVID Health Check, you will receive an email the next day reminding you to complete your Health Check regularly. Connections through a stationary remote device that is only connecting to one WiFi access point are usually filtered out*. 
  • If you access Johns Hopkins WiFi, even without entering a campus boundary or building, your use may still be recognized. For that reason, if you plan to spend some time near to a Johns Hopkins campus for longer than a few minutes, we recommend taking your Health Check to prevent a reminder email. 
    • *Not all devices that are running on WiFi remotely can be filtered out. If you are running a device that may be accessing more than one WiFi access point and it is necessary to keep the device on, we recommend you hardwire your device or complete the COVID Health Check regularly, even while remaining off-campus. 
    • There are many Johns Hopkins University campus locations as well as patient care locations. If you live or travel near any of these locations, your device may connect to the network.  
    • If you swipe your J-Card to access a campus location, the app will detect this action and if you have not completed a COVID Health Check, you will receive an email reminding you to do so. 
  • If you accessed a technology resource on campus but have not completed your COVID Health Check at least 3 times in the last 7 days, you will get an email indicating you are now auto-enrolled in reminder emails to complete your COVID Health Check every 12 hours before accessing resources on campus. Please look for emails with the subject line “Required COVID-19 Symptom Reporting” to complete your Health Check.  
  • If you are a manager or supervisor, you may receive an email when members of your team regularly access on-campus resources without completing the COVID Health Check. The email will ask you to access a dashboard to check your team members’ compliance and to encourage them to complete their health checks. 

Continued non-compliance could result in reduction of access to university resources, including but not limited to WiFi or JCard access. 

Refer to our COVID Health Check Feature Tutorial for more details on completing this daily requirement. 

If you have read through the information above and still are not sure why you received a reminder email, please use the Prodensity contact form and we will work with you to determine the source of the discrepancy.