Checking Out of Your Assigned Work Space

Note: This feature is currently only available to individuals assigned to spaces.

Do not forget to Check Out of your space when you leave. 

Select the red Check Out button that shows just below the Space Occupancy circle.

Locate the Check Out sign posted at any of your building’s exits.  

Note: If you do not see a Check Out QR code, please contact the security desk or find a main exit. 

Hold your phone so the camera just fits the QR code on the sign.

The app will recognize the QR code and take you to a Requesting Access screen while it checks you out. 

Once you see the green Check in button again, you have been checked out of your location.  

If you forget to check out, an automated Check Out screen will pop up on the app hours after you first checked in. 

Having trouble with checking out? Visit the “I Forgot to Check Out of a Space” Troubleshooting topic.