Checking In to Your Assigned Work Space

Please note: this feature is currently only available for individuals who are assigned to spaces. If you are not assigned to any spaces but need to be, contact your PI.

Press the Check-in tab and you will be brought to the Select Space screen. Press the green Check In button next to the space you are checking into.

Select the green Check in button under the Space Occupancy circle. The first time you select this button only, the app will prompt you to allow camera access for scanning the QR code. Please allow camera access. 

A camera screen with the instructions: Place code inside the box will appear. 

Locate the Check In sign posted at your building’s entrance. Hold your phone so the camera just fits the QR code on the sign. 

The app will recognize the QR code and take you to a Requesting Access screen. 

Note: If your location has a security guard, that person must confirm your entry on their dashboard before you will see an Access Granted screen. If you see the Requesting Access page for more than 2-3 minutes, please verbally request further direction from security desk personnel. Be sure you have a good Wi-Fi or data connection before requesting access.

Note: If your location does not have a security guard, once you scan the QR code, you should see the Access Granted screen.  

When the Access Granted screen displays, proceed to your space.