Alerts show up within the app on the Alerts tab and represent important broadcast announcements sent to some or all app users. These announcements may present a new resource or explain important changes to campus operations.  

Only approved campus administrators send these alerts.   

To access the Alerts tab, look for the Alerts icon at the bottom of your screen and tap it. Your icon will indicate any new messages using a red indicator.  

The Alerts tab will show you all messages sent to your campus, your school, or your department within the last seven days.  

You may optionally delete messages once you have read them using the ‘x’ in the upper-right-hand corner of the individual message.  

If you don’t choose to delete them, messages will stay in the Alerts tab for seven days.

Note: Alerts are different from push notifications that are sent automatically from the app (for example: health check reminders). Push notifications will not show up in your Alerts.   


Example of a Push Notification