Administrative Help: Sending Alerts


Alerts are a new feature that allow Prodensity admins to send one-way messages to people who use the Prodensity mobile app. The messages appear as a push notification and remain in the alerts section of the app for 7 days or until it is deleted by the user.

Sending an Alert

  • Click “Manage Alerts” and then click the blue “Send New Alert” button.
  • A window will appear that allows you to enter the desired title of the alert, and the alert message.

Remember that the alert will be received by all individuals on their mobile phone in the new alerts tab on their app and as a push notification. Try to keep messages short and to the point to ensure they are read by most.

  • After you are satisfied with your message, title, and optional link, click the “Select recipients” button to choose who this message should go to. Select campus, school, or department from the drop-down list of potential recipients. Then fill in the specific campus, school or department you would like to send the message to. Click “Add group” to confirm this recipient. To select another group of recipients, click the “Add group” button again. You may choose up to 5 groups of recipients.

(You may only have permission to send to recipients that match your campus, school, or department).

  • Click the “Preview alert” button. Review your alert to ensure it is accurate.
  • Click the “Send Alert” button. You will see a green banner at the top of your admin screen with the text “Your push notification sent successfully” as confirmation. Your users now have your message.
  • From the “Manage Alerts” screen, you can view a list of all previously sent alerts, including your own.